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Robin’s Desktop provides a range of consulting and custom support services for the small business or non-profit organization.

We take the frustration out of social network marketing, setting you free from the drudgery of administrative tasks. We let you get back to the business of building your business. We specialize in: social media marketing, data conversion, document development, desktop publishing, document editing, grant writing, electronic and print newsletters, meeting planning, and more.

Social Network Marketing

Social media marketing and networking is designed to build relationships, exchange information, create a dialog, and hold a two-way conversation with your target market.

Administrative Consulting

Robin’s Desktop is happy to offer administrative consulting services to small businesses and non-profits struggling to get their arms around administrative challenges.

Back Office Support Services

Clients can choose from a range of back office support services to best fit their needs. We offer:

  • Document preparation – We convert your draft, notes, and scribbles into a professional letter, funding solicitation, sales pitch, or press release. We can update your employee or procedure manuals.
  • Marketing – Even with a social media presence, there are times when having tangible, print marketing materials is important. We can help you develop an effective and efficient supply.
  • Meeting planning and arrangement – Small businesses and associations often need to arrange meetings for boards and events. We help clients locate meeting space and sleeping rooms, if necessary, refreshments, room amenities, handouts – for groups from 15 to 50 or more.
  • Presentation development – It is easy to throw together a presentation that will get by. We can help you create a presentation that sells!
  • Writing and editing – We offer our clients a range of writing and editing services. We can review grant application, help create one, even help write that book.