Windows 10 is here.

I love technology, gadgets, and software! I am not, however, one of those people who jump on board the minute a new model or version hits the shelves. I prefer to let someone else find the bad bugs. I’ll wait a little while.

Windows operating systems is a prime example of why I wait.

I first started using Windows based PCs in the late 1980’s. I took several classes through an adult education program offered at Garnet Career Center. I signed up for Windows, Lotus 1-2-3, and Microsoft Word. I am pretty sure it was Windows 2.11 I was using. The blue background with white letters and tiny little monitor – Ahh the memories.

Not long after, I bought a custom built PC through the “Computer Show” at the Charleston Civic Center. By then Windows 3.1 was the standard. That machine cost me over $1,000. I didn’t upgrade computers until after the release of Windows 95. Then, my critical error. I upgraded my operating system to Windows M.E.

Windows M.E. haunted me for a long time. The crashes and conflicts made a root-canal look warm and fuzzy. I regretted that installation almost as much as buying the Surface RT.

After a couple PC replacements, I moved, almost regrettably, through XP, and 7 to 8.1 on my tablet. But, I waited. I waited until I was forced by technology to upgrade. XP was stable, I had almost zero problems with it. Windows 7 wasn’t too bad for me, though others had issues. My experience with 8 was, until recently, limited to using the Surface RT 1 ed., which seemed great at first, but quickly became a hassle.

Now Windows 10 is here. The pre-launch hype talked it up to be another XP. I’ve waited to upgrade and I’m glad. I’m seeing more and more reports on privacy issues, and other glitches with the update.

Did you upgrade to Windows 10, or are you waiting?

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