In Honor of Labor Day

One-hundred thirty-three years ago, the first Labor Day celebrations were held in New York. Today, across the United States, we continue the tradition with picnics, parades, and community gatherings.

At Robin’s Desktop, we want to take a moment to express our appreciation to all those, past and present, who toil, sweat, and give long hours not only to provide for their families, but to provide for our nation.

We tend to think of the tradesmen and women, when Labor Day comes to mind. However, in today’s world, the labor force includes those who write code, pull cables, and help business build our information technology infrastructure.

These are the men and women behind the servers. These are the people working strange shifts, updating information during the middle of the night, doing their best to keep your online access working smoothly and secure.

No matter what the job description, the labor force of the United States is the best. On this day, Robin’s Desktop acknowledges your jobs well done!

happy labor day


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Robin incorporated Robin's Desktop in 2005. Clients include a business incubator; a consultant specializing in chemical, petrochemical, and economic development; HVAC/Technical company, economic development organizations, politicians, and others. She is a contributing columnist at Two-Lane Livin, served as president of several local and district level organizations, published "Think Outside The Office" in 2010, has a BS in Organizational leadership, over 12 years in state government service.

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